The Sound of Running Water 

  by Peter & Daivika


Everything I’ve learned, are fragments of a big puzzle, which in its totality led me on the path of my heart.

You can combine a lot of old ideas to come to a new structure, but this structure is only in appearance new.

My biggest investment are  the  years of awareness training. Finding the courage to unconditionally follow my intuition and  letting go of all the studies, wisdoms and teachings I gathered. Becoming inwardly free. 

My “Vita” (lat. life) is, what it is  –

my life.


My spiritual work expresses itself through  constellations.

Whenever I am connected to the energy field, my system perceives the structure behind the obvious. Bringing peoples "blind  spots" to the surface, solves their life long struggles and issues at its root. 

As soon as people are able to perceive the structure behind their blocked energy patterns (consciously or non-consciously), e-motions come up. Allowing these e-motions (=energy in motion) in the here and now, is probably the biggest part of the transformation. This process is a very efficient way to get into the flow of life again. 

Like a drop of rain, flowing to the 0cean 

Iindividual sessions I tune into your body and listen to his "language".  

The central characteristics of this meeting is mutual respect, openness and empathy.

Through touch I can feel where the energy in the body is not running freely and is slowing down our healthy bodely  functions. A energetic treatment brings healing and penetrates deep into our cell memory. Often dormant themes come to the surface and wants to be healed. The body remembers what the mind forgets

Get in touch ...  

For healing, to relax or refresh your batteries ...  

The cost of a treatment (between 60 and 90 minutes) is 80,00 €

Ley Lines Healing-System

The planetary ley lines are sacred connections between the planetary systems, the energy field around us and our body.  Like pulsating meridians, through which the healing power can flow into the body. Like a mirror of the universe in the "hermetic alchemy", on our body healing points can be found, which when they are touched, increase the vibration of the body, so that the energy can flow more free.

The puls in the healing point, in which the rythm is the key to connecting with everything that is. 

The cost of a Ley Lines healing saison (about an hour) is 60,00 €