The Sound of Running Water 

  by Peter & Daivika


The Heart of Healing  

Constellations, Energy-Work, Tajiquan, Qigong, Silence, Music, Sharing, Laughing

Our events are an invitation to enter the present moment and connect with the ‘knowing field’. 

Through a combination of energy work and bodywork we can anchor the healing, that takes place on a subtle energy level in our physical body, the temple of our soul.  

The constellations  radiate to the very core of your being. They reveal what the moment wants to reveal. They awaken and bring to the here and now what has been slumbering underneath for ages. They are very efficient support systems to reconnect you to the stream of life. 

Health and happiness come with free flowing energy, that is uniquely yours. Being connected with your true nature, mirrors your inner beauty

We warmly welcome you on board of 

The Sound of Running Water. 

And if we also bring a lot of tools for our work on board,

we meet beyond all that !

Our time together is just 

magical, deep, fun, transformational and precious ...