As long as paradise is not at your own center, not the smallest chance you can enter!




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Stefan Bottu Coaching & Healing

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Having a successful career at an international company, my world collapsed in my mid-thirtees, when I was struck by a hormonal cancer that had exhausted my body the years before. Being thankful for the doctors that saved my life at that time through surgery, I tried to take-up my “old life” again, and became conscious that I was continuously fighting myself through negative thoughts, emotions and self-destructive behaviors.

And so this at first sight terrible disease became one of the biggest gifts in my life, because it started a journey towards my inner-self.

I followed courses “mindfulness”, “the symbolic meaning of events in your life”, “relationships”, esoterism (which is actually very down to earth…), a 1-year course in meditation and bodywork at the “Centrum of Zijnsorientatie”, a 1-year training in family constellations with Indra Torsten Preiss, several energy courses at Samtati (Hilde Van Bulck), and several years of training in Transfigura or Regeneration therapy with Stanny Lansloot and Adriaan Van Zelst, an energetic healing technique that regenerates your body in all its aspects.

At my regular work I am already for several years a mindfulness trainer and teach people the simple art of coaching. My passion is supporting people on their life-path, through learning them how to deal in a different and constructive way with their body, thoughts and emotions and by creating awareness and broadening their consciousness. I like to look with you what is beneath the surface so that you can make structural changes in your life that will give you more freedom and joy in your daily experience of life. I believe that life is the greatest teacher : all you encounter in your life is right for you and a continuous impulse to remember who your really are: a shining spark of light that wants to spread the light around. If we all start shining like this we can really create a “Heaven on Earth”, this is not utopian at all!

The biggest gift for me is when I see people finding back the way to their heart, start living their dream, and fully participate in life in all of its aspects.

At this point in time I follow a 3-years training in aura healing and reading with Ronald Vandepeppel and a 1-year personal training with Michael Barnett, a fantastic spiritual and energy teacher. Where time allows I still try to deepen my understanding of the constellations work.