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For 40 years, I was living in survival mode. 3 nose operations and the whole spectrum of conventional medicine could not solve my chronically blocked nose and the sleep apnea that came with it. I had no focus, no joy, no manifestation power, ... I felt like a slave dragging myself from one useless day to another. I felt drained, tired, stressed, depressed, disconnected. I could not breathe properly, my heart was blocked. I had so many capacities, but I could not do anything with them.

At a certain moment I stopped judging myself for not working half as hard as other people did. I accepted I would never earn my place in society by following the norm. My health simply did not allow me to ...

A few days before my mother died I finally felt seen for who I was, not for what I had been doing or not doing. I felt joy. The joy of souls connecting, the joy of masks falling down, the joy of something bigger than life. When she passed over, it didn't feel like death. I felt the joy of being reborn in something beyond words.

24 hours later, I experienced a lifechanging initiation. I saw an oval shaped light opening up to me. Light came to me, through me, was in me, surrounded me. A pillar of light stretched me open. My head went backwards. I surrendered and fell backwards. My energy teacher was there to catch me ...

That night, my whole vision on death changed. And along with it, my vision on life.

I saw what I came to be in this life. And I saw the structure behind the so called "coincidences" in my life.



Step out of fear based thinking and start to live your dream life ...
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