Dont tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon. 

Paul Brandt




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Everything I’ve learned, were fragments of a big puzzle, which in its entirety led me on the path of my heart. Once there, I still follow this way. 

You can combine a lot of old ideas to come to a new structure, but this structure is only in appearance new and in no case really new. It took me along time to forget all the structures and approaches that have been taught to me to be inwardly free


 My “Vita” (lat. life) is, what it is – my life.


My biggest investments were years of training my awareness, to find the courage to unconditionally follow my intuition. So that I could let go all the studies, wisdom and teachings, in order not to create a copy of what is already here.

My spiritual work expresses itself through life changing constellations and Satsangs. Whenever I am connected to the energy field, my system perceives the structure behind the obvious. Bringing peoples "blind spots" to the surface, solves their life long struggles and issues at its root. As soon as people are able to perceive the structure behind their blocked energy patterns (consciously or non-consciously), e-motions come up. Allowing these e-motions (=energy in motion) in the here and now, is probably the biggest part of the transformation. This proces is a very efficient way to get into the flow of life again.

A Satsang is an invitation to surrender to the glory of the moment. Nothing has more meaning than being present at this very moment of truth. Sometimes we sit in silence while the energy field opens up and makes us radiant ...  Or our souls meet eye to eye in a moment of timelessness. Or inspiring words come through me ... , 

Constellations and Satsangs are experiences beyond words. They radiate to the very core of your being. They reveal what the moment wants to reveal. They awaken and bring to the here and now what has been slumbering underneath for ages. They are very efficient support systems to reconnect you to the stream of life.


Like a drop of rain,

flowing to the 0cean