When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy!  




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From my earliest childhood, to my young adult years, I made many
experiences with recurring lung infections and the resulting asthma, in different children's hospitals. These times shaped my life.

The many painful moments and unpleasant kinds of treatment, made me doubt my life. „When I become adult, I’ll do it different“. This thought accompanied me till now.


Even during and after my apprenticeship as a nurse, I stayed open for alternative kinds of healing, which focus on the total human being and not only on the sick part of the body. When I got in contact with JIN SHIN JYUTSU, the foundation stone for my spiritual development was laid.

Later educations followed,building further on my previous development. After learning all degrees of reiki up
to reiki-teacher, I also left this system behind.  I asked myself, why should I stay connected to only one energetic line, when the whole universal energy, with its whole spectrum, is always available.
On my way opening my mind for this universal energy, I met my teacher Michael Barnett. During the following years, my sister and me, spended a lot of time in the ernergy field of Michael Barnett. In this period of life an
incredible heart connection grew between my sister and me and is still carrying us through our lifes.
We started giving workshops together. Michael Barnett named our connection „The elixir of life“.
With all the power, the knowledge and the endless love of this name, we were able to let our company grow more and more and made wonderful experiences.

The activation and transfer of the knowledge about the healing power of the Ley Lines filled my life in the last few years.

I am endlessly thankfull for my way of life, staying always open for something new, being thankful for every human being, that allowed me to support him/her on their path.
I look forward to the path I will be allowed to follow within this universal light.