This is love: to fly toward a secret sky to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally to take a step without feet.





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Lieve Van Passen

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From childhood onwards, I knew there was something more. I did not know what, I could not put it in words, I could feel it. I did my best to fit in, but I felt different. To please my parents, I studied hard and became an Industrial Engineer in Chemistry. I worked in a multinational pharmaceutical company and as researcher at the University of Gent.

Still I knew there was something more, but I had no clue how to reach it.

Then I went to an open day from a dance school. In the session "Bodyflow", I saw happy people, almost floating through the room. I had no clue how come these people looked so shiny and in touch with themselves. Curious and eager to learn, I signed up for 10 lessons.

The lesson started with an explanation about the energyfield and our connection to it. My scientific brain was in resistance mode: I wanted to run out. But I stayed. Luckily I stayed. During the session, my body started to move without me being in control. For the first time in my life, I physically felt I was connected to something huge ... I did not understand, but it felt liberating ...

The last lesson I got a symbol and a message: a closed book that did not have to be opened. I did not need to have the knowledge, because I could trust my intuition.

I took this challenge. It turned out to be the best decision I ever took.

Ever since, my life brought me to so many beautiful persons, places and challenges.

I started to give courses Dutch to immigrants, I cofounded a Sudbury school (which is totally different than any other school) and together with Jan I gave birth to Lien and Tim. They turned out to be my biggest masters in the school of life.

In 2012 Jan's mother was terminal. We stepped into an intense process of connecting, supporting and letting go. The last days of her life were life changing. I felt so much love, connection and ... joy. It was hard to express, was I not supposed to be sad ? Luckily Jan felt the same.

She passed away on my 38th birthday. Later I read a book from a woman who felt the same joy and amazing connection when her husband died. She described exactly what we experienced. As if non physical beings come to support the dying in their process.

After his mother died, Jan felt a strong call to go to Michael Barnett. He told me about the German sisters Bodea and Daivika and the invitation he got to go to their seminar. He asked me to join. I did not feel the call to go there. But the universe made us move in mysterious ways: in a playgarden in a small Belgian town, I bumped into Bodea. We had never met, but immediately, we recognised each other. I looked in her eyes and I knew I would benefit to go to their next seminar.

And that's where the magic stepped into my life. Finally I felt home on this earth. On our way back to Belgium I spoke out my intention to live more and more in this higher vibration. Guess what ? The universe did everything to support my decision. We were put out of the house we rented, we got acces to abundance on many levels, we quit our jobs and started travelling. Synchronicities brought us to Badulina, an amazing community in magic Orgiva.   

If you don't seem to fit in this world,

you were born to help create a better one.